3 350 000 references, 1420 brands, 1950 dealers over 27 European countries

How does it work?

A regular process for your supplying

  • You have our catalogs on your counter.
  • You choose your product with a catalog ref or with the manufacturer's reference.
  • You enter the reference into our system that offers multiple choices in several catalogs : you are free to choose, depending on prices or availability.
  • You select your parts & you are able to edit an order form or a quotation with either retail prices, dealer's prices or both.
  • You make your orders whenever you want, 24/7, by fax or internet.
  • You receive an order confirmation by fax or mail.
  • We confirm spare parts availabilities.
  • You are informed of your shipment departure by fax.
  • You can track your order online.
  • We handle all your orders once a week, on Thursday by 2:00pm.
  • We deliver in one week, free of charge (if your purchase is €490,- or more).

For more details please check our FAQ section : you maye find your answers in it.