3 350 000 references, 1420 brands, 1950 dealers over 27 European countries

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The easiest and safest way to deal across the Atlantic !

MAG is a purchasing group, a link between European dealers, distributors and US & EU manufacturers. We do not sell retail.

Our system makes it easy for any registered dealer to access more than 3.350.000 parts references from the finest catalogs.

The process is simple: one contact, one order, one invoice, online shipment tracking and the most reliable delivery service you can get, that's why more than 1800 European dealers have joined already.

The MAG operation works by taking orders from dealers, which are then placed with US suppliers on Thursday for a 5 days delivery. Availability of items is monitored so that, if necessary, alternatives may be offered from other suppliers (see Cross Reference System).

The service makes full use of modern technology. Dealers may access the secure web site to monitor progress of orders, with information such as price, availability, back orders and invoicing easily accessible. At present MAG deals with 1420 brands... with catalogs cross-referenced for easy access. This supplier base is set to expand soon.

This is all backed up by our multilingual customer support and technical team based in France, England, Italy and Spain. The team has a wealth of experience in the automotive market.

MAG is an independent company which operates simultaneously in two seperate areas.

Primarily MAG operates as a purchasing group for European dealers buying from US distributors.

MAG also acts as a distributor for manufacturers both in the US and Europe. Our method of working is totally transparent: the dealer receives the same trading conditions that MAG receives from its suppliers regarding price, warranty and inventory.

Dealers benefit from the purchasing power that we offer and the deals that we can negotiate. And with the automatic cross-referencing system maximising the opportunity of satisfying a request, the back order list is reduced to a minimum.

The scheme is open only to dealers, who must have shop premises specialising in US Cars and access to the Internet.

MAG hopes to increase its current rate of expansion still further by offering franchise opportunities for those wishing to align themselves with the operation. The intention is to achieve total coverage of the European market.

For potential suppliers MAG offers an unparalleled gateway for US companies to expand operations into the European market with no investment. US suppliers and distributors will have instant access to a significant percentage of European dealers.