3 350 000 references, 1420 brands, 1950 dealers over 27 European countries

Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q

Who uses MAG ? Haut de la page

The MAG service is for dealers only, we do not sell retail.

What companies & compnents can I order from MAG ? Haut de la page

Mag offers a wide choice of 1420 brands representing around 3 350 000 online refs

What can I do with MAG Online System ? Haut de la page

With MAG you can :
  • Check prices and stock
  • Search by manufacturer part number
  • Produce Quotations
  • Place orders
  • Check Back orders and deliveries
  • Track shipments

Why should we use MAG ? Haut de la page

  • We provide a service that offers the widest selection of parts, with the best prices and reliable deliveries twice a week.
  • You also have the advantage of managing your own account from ordering to back orders, 24 hours a day 7 days a week...
  • Efficient use of technology provides online ordering through to shipment tracking.
  • Multilingual support is available by email or telephone.
  • Automatic cross referencing of alternative or substitute parts allows MAG to offer the lowest back order rate of any supplier.
  • The added benefit of single currency transactions, no VAT and no customs duties.
  • You know exactly what will be your final price, our price are nett and in Euro.
  • You will save time, one contact for all your request

How do we register ? Haut de la page

To register simply contact MAG by email or telephone and one of our representatives will contact you. An application form will be provided and once this has been completed and returned, we will send a set of catalogs and your login details. You can also register online.

When can I order and how long do the parts take to arrive ? Haut de la page

You can order 24/7, we deliver most of the parts in 72 hours all over Europe

What is the minimum order amount? Haut de la page

There is no minimum, you can order one part from each catalogs, you will be delivered within the same timeframe.

What is included in MAG-Autoparts' prices ? Haut de la page

Our prices include shipping costs between USA and Europe, custom taxes, international financial expenses, technical/warranty support and shipping costs from our warehouse to your shop.

What happens if the part I ordered is not available ? Haut de la page

Unavailable parts automatically go to the back order list and it is the dealers responsibility to monitor this section. It is possible to change the out of stock item to one that is instock or to delete the item.

Can I browse catalogs online ? Haut de la page

No we do not have this facility at the moment, but you can check the web site of the brand you are looking for and check the price and availability in our system

Returns ? Haut de la page

If parts arrive damaged MAG will request photographic images of the damaged items if possible. Once we have contacted the supplier we will issue a returns code. Please contact MAG as soon as possible if you receive a damaged item. For further information please read our Terms and Conditions.

I received my catalogs but no paper price lists ! Haut de la page

All the prices both retail and dealer are listed on the system.

Why should I buy from MAG ? Haut de la page

Apart from a unique online ordering system and a huge range of parts and suppliers to choose from we also have one of the lowest percentages of back ordered parts of any supplier and a very competitive price structure.

I am totally lost when it comes to computers what can I do ? Haut de la page

We have an online help section which provides the basics to get you going on the system but telephone support is always available

Who do I contact if I am having problems with the MAG site ? Haut de la page

When you sign up to MAG, you gain access to both contact email address's and telephone numbers.

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